See a New Level Of Education Delivery In Tanzania

See a New Level Of Education Delivery In Tanzania

A new level of educational delivery – that’s what YOU – the donors of the LFT are enabling in many locations, Kaole and Pongwe in Tanzania being the most recent.⁠

The LFT Pongwe primary and secondary schools are situated between Tanga and Muheza in northern Tanzania. Catering vastly to a large population of albino and sight-impaired students in its 900-student population.⁠

Through painstaking months of refurbishment, the children can now return to 17 refurbished classrooms and 4 new classrooms. All corridors have been made safe with handrails on each set of steps having handrails.⁠

There is also a renewed borewell which will be used by the school community to grow their own food.⁠

However, the work doesn’t just stop here, the opportunities to transform and empower the lives of young children in Tanzania are immense and thanks to your generosity we can carry on all year round.⁠

Thank you for your support and continue supporting us