LFT’s Mother & Baby unit in Zanzibar

LFT’s Mother & Baby unit in Zanzibar

What better way to support the LFT’s Mother & Baby unit in Makunduchi, Zanzibar.

We ride together, to rise together.

Medicine has made massive strides especially when it comes to maternal health. Unfortunately those advances are granted to those of us who find ourselves in nations that can afford them.

A mother still dies in childbirth around the world every 2 minutes! Mothers in some developing countries are 400 times more likely to die during childbirth than their counterparts living here.

So as we ride, we aim to bring what we have – and at times take for granted – to our fellow women in the village of Makunduchi, Zanzibar.

In partnering up with Lady Fatemah Trust once again, we will be fundraising for a brand new emergency unit in Makunduchi including an obstetric and gynaecology unit at the District Hospital. The Lady Fatemah Trust has embarked on a bold 4-year program to try and eradicate any maternal suffering and deaths including addressing issues of nutritional deficiencies in mothers and children from the islands of Zanzibar.

This new unit in Makunduchi District Hospital and surgical equipment for theatre will cost £200,000 and the LFT have a matched funding donor for our program to double all amounts raised up to £100,000.

How will this be spent:

– £25 will pay for the care of a mother in maternity as a daycare.

– £150 will pay for a week’s stay for a mother after premature birth.

– £500 will pay for the training of a midwife to provide safer births.

– £1,500 will pay to provide doctors, midwives and surgeons with better Partoma Training.

– £25,000 will pay for an anaesthesia machine that alleviates maternal suffering.

– £50,000 will pays for a new surgical ward with theatre equipment.


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