LFT Ramadhan Tanzania supply for iftaar and Suhoor

LFT Ramadhan Tanzania supply for iftaar and Suhoor

Ramadhan 1443 – Makunduchi village, Unguja Zanzibar 🇹🇿 –

Thanks to your encouragement ans support, over 1,200 families across Tanzania will benefit from a supply of a months groceries for iftaar and Suhoor across the mainland of Tanzania including the islands of Unguja and Pemba in Zanzibar.

Our Ramadhan work continues to focus and accelerate the work carried out during the rest of the year whether in education healthcare or microfinance as strong enablers for the empowerment of communities.

From Arusha, Kaole, Matwara and Pongwe on the mainland and villages across the islands of Tumbatu, Pemba and Unguja in Zanzibar.

Here at the Makunduchi District Hospital mothers and their families are provided good nourishment with iftaar food parcels so mothers and their infants, elder children and wider family can celebrate Ramadhan with greater ease.

As Ramadhan is a month of creating reform in our personal lives these mothers and so many like them will be enabled to eat more healthy meals now so that through the rest of the year they have a chance to be better nourished and give their babies and children the best start in life.

This supports the years long campaign for safer births leading to the LFTs efforts to eliminate all avoidable maternal deaths on the islands all years round.

Ramadhan Kareem