LFT #MothersDay

LFT #MothersDay

#MothersDay is a special time to connect with the most special person in our lives, our mothers!

What better way to honour your mum than to support the empowerment of mothers of orphaned children who are going through their own daily challenges!⁠

Today we would like to highlight the exceptional work carried out by the many #supermums in our #Mothernomics program.

When we embarked on this project to #empower the disenfranchised widowed mothers and their orphaned children we really did not expect to receive orders from the Imam Hussain Shrine, Karbala for thousands of school uniforms and theatrical costumes let alone be sewing university graduation robes for the finest and most creative young minds in Iraq.

But these and many other pleasant surprises along the journey have been an amazing part of realizing that the journey of empowerment is just that, it’s a journey that you undertake and the more you travel the new horizons open up for all those travelling with you.

So whether the mothers in our mothernomics program chose to now study to wear the graduation robes they are sewing or they expand this enterprise further so their children have wider choices is a decision they are now able to make, thanks to your support.

Thank you for restoring dignity through agency and choice. May Allah bless you and reward your families.

You can view their extraordinary needlework skills on @mom_lft