LFT Tanzania 🇹🇿 15 Shabaan – Ramadhan

LFT Tanzania 🇹🇿 15 Shabaan – Ramadhan

LFT Tanzania 🇹🇿 15 Shabaan – As we celebrate the birth of Imam Mahdi and 15 days to go to the start of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, we are delighted to share news of tremendous successes of the maternal health campaign and Ramadhan food drive for mothers to eliminate maternal anaemia.

With the LFTs campaign to eliminate maternal suffering and deaths in Zanzibar well underway, we have received great news that the anaesthetic machine delivered to Makunduchi Ditrict Hospital in February 2022 has been used in 19 obstetric and gynaecology procedures to date alleviating maternal suffering.

This Holy Month of Ramadhan our food drives in Zanzibar will be focussed around supporting the families of expectant mothers so their nutrition levels are enhanced during their pregnancies giving their babies and other children the best chances for healthy development.

So come on, join us this Ramadhan to help us stand with the mothers of Zanzibar with healthy Ramadhan food parcels and safe pregnancies and childbirth all year round!