LFT Sanaa, Yemen 🇾🇪 – emergency food parcels

LFT Sanaa, Yemen 🇾🇪 – emergency food parcels

LFT Sanaa, Yemen 🇾🇪- by the Grace of Allah and your tremendous generosity and support over 3,000 lives have been saved in Yemen by distributing emergency food parcels to the most desperate communities.

A further 6,000 individuals can be saved by the time we celebrate 15 Shabaan and start welcoming the noble month of Ramadhan iA.

Each day across these months 5,000 loaves from the Al Siddiqa Bakery will be distributed to the neediest including widowed mothers and orphaned children as well as the sick and elderly making it 30,000 loaves before the month of Ramadhan and over 2,000,000 loaves since the program stated.

So let’s make this day or Meeraj and Mabath one for desperate families to remember with a live saving emergency food parcel.

Please don’t delay, for the love of the Noble messenger, save one more life today!