Mothernomics Hadhramout, Yemen 🇾🇪 – The honey project

Mothernomics Hadhramout, Yemen 🇾🇪 – The honey project

Mothernomics Hadhramout, Yemen 🇾🇪 – 45 families supported with an income generation project that will iA make them self sufficient by restoring agency dignity and integrity.

The cost of supporting each family with 45 hives and equipment is $500 or £360.

The LFT is undertaking a rural support program for beehive productivity to allow vulnerable mothers earn a dignified living whilst supporting an activity to promote honey production in a region of high deprivation.

A beehive usually produces about 15 kilograms of honey yearly therefore a 45 apiary would produce about 675 kilograms per year with a good profit margin for the family.

In the season of the thorn jujube trees blooming bees produce a high-quality type of honey that is very sought after and sells for a higher premium.

The production of propolis, bees use that to patch cavities inside the hive. Propolis is used as an anti-inflammatory and the bees also use it to sterilize their hive and is sold at a higher price in the market.

The production of the queen food (royal jelly) which sold in grams and at a higher price for its benefits.

Thank you for continuing to support the most vulnerable families with a dignified living.

We have actively supported over 150,000 families in Yemen since 2018. Thank you for your patronage that has allowed this.

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