LFT Kabul, Afghanistan πŸ‡¦πŸ‡« – Wazir’s Story

LFT Kabul, Afghanistan πŸ‡¦πŸ‡« – Wazir’s Story

LFT Kabul, Afghanistan

I share the personal story of Wazir, daughter of Ghulam Hussain, she is originally from Bamyan province, Varas district and is 70 years old.

She is a mother of 10 children, six sons, and four girls. None of her six sons stayed alive. This heartbreaking and extremely unbearable pain broke her back!

Everyone knows that the pain of losing children is so backbreaking. She struggles to speak of it, my heart breaks for them and when I remember those moments.

She says: β€œour life has been crushed by adversity, poverty, and economic hardships for years that we have been living in Kabul.

Now, living in a poverty-stricken and highly disadvantaged neighborhood in western Kabul, we are going through a lot of hardships that we fall short of finding words to explain.

We are very poor now because the head of our family- my husband, is old on the one hand, and both of us are sick, going to the doctor and taking medicine time and again.”

As a family of three who have been left totally helpless and without any source of income and help.

Sadly, she says they have not received any assistance from anyone or a charity organisation thus far, except the food rations they received from the LFT the day before yesterday.

She continues: β€œWe are not given humanitarian and emergency relief because the process of distributing this help to the people in need in Kabul is not transparent and we face discrimination while we refer to the distributors. We don’t even have fuel for our heater to warm up our house.

Therefore, I am forced to collect garbage on the streets and roads and sometimes sell small pieces of unused irons and plastics to make a little money to buy tea, bread, and cooking oil.

Other than this, I can’t do other work. Still, my blood pressure is high, and have severe headaches.

For us, a bag of wheat flour, beans, pea, and a bottle of oil suffice to feed ourselves for a month and, in this bitterly harsh winter in the midst of poverty and hunger, those who assist us, in fact, save our life.

The day I took the LFT food package, I became very happy and prayed for you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you!”

Donors, thanks to you, we at the LFT manage such miracles every day.

In addition to emergency food parcels in Kabul, we have a learning centre for 50 orphaned children and a Mothernomics training and production program.