LFT Kabul, Afghanistan 🇦🇫 mothernomics

LFT Kabul, Afghanistan 🇦🇫 mothernomics

LFT Kabul, Afghanistan 🇦🇫 – 50 orphaned boys and girls catch up on missed educational opportunities proudly wearing mothernomics clothing locally produced.

In addition to curricular subjects these students aged between 8-13 years have been taught soft skills in growth mindset, respect, solidarity and will be supported with mental health wellbeing and trauma relief.

This in addition to the 500 families who have been supplied emergency food aid, the 20 mothers on the mothernomics program, the rural farmers who are ready to start the brothernomics agriculture programs once the snow clears and healthcare interventions for helping those injured in the war are only possible through your support.

Thank you for your tremendous generosity and encouragement.