Yemeni People Need Emergency Aid

Yemeni People Need Emergency Aid

Problem: An escalation in the conflict in Yemen has resulted in a surge of food and water crisis across the country. Widowed mothers are struggling to care for orphaned children.

Solution: With your assistance, the Lady Fatemah Trust has been seeking out highly vulnerable orphans to provide food, shelter, and clothing for now and a support mechanism including education for their future lives.⁠

Starting this month, by the wilaadah of Sayeda Fatima sa the Lady Fatemah Trust will be providing in all parts of Yemen:

– 3,000 individuals with emergency food assistance to save lives
–  150,000 loaves of bread from the Al Siddiqa bakery to the most vulnerable orphaned sons and daughter widowed mothers and the sick and elderly
– continued support to the next cohort of 20 mothers in the Mothernomics program in Yemen
– helping to reconstruct and improve more effective learning for up to 800 students at school
Will you help us on this journey to help rebuild Yemen for the love of the Noble Lady the leader of the women of paradise?