LFT care for the orphaned child

LFT care for the orphaned child

LFT care for the orphaned child – the wise words of Imam Ali on his deathbed to his soon to be orphaned children was:

“Fear Allah in the matter of the orphans.

Do not allow them to starve and they should not be ruined in your presence.”

Recent and ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and Yemen have resulted in a multitude of orphans with neither parent alive.

Sometimes very young these children have been found heavily malnourished and even left for dead in public parts of the city.

With your assistance the Lady Fatemah has been seeking out highly vulnerable orphans to provide food shelter and clothing for now and a support mechanism including education for their future lives.

The need especially in the winter months so close to the impact of conflict is extremely high and your assistance is immensely valuable in helping us deal with the need.

This morning we received note of a 15 year old sister left to fend for younger siblings who fasted for three days, crying and prayed to Allah for help.

This morning the LFT team arrived with food supplies clothing and winter fuel and she felt her prayers were answered!

The team sat with them and worked out a clear needs assessment and will be following up on their care especially education and safety.

May Allah bless you and your parents as you help these most vulnerable of communities.