LFT Afghanistan emergency food assistance this winter

LFT Afghanistan emergency food assistance this winter

Exclusive matched funding opportunity for $110,000 funds to be DOUBLED.

With heavy snow covering Kabul and long cold dark nights in absence of electricity and temperatures predicted to fall further, thousands of desperate families in Kabul and the wider country remain in need of emergency food assistance this winter.

Unfortunately, for so many the harsh reality of freezing temperatures and lack of employment will result in even greater incidences of illness malnutrition and in the worst cases death from one or more of these cases. 

The most vulnerable are the young children mainly the orphaned, the injured, and elderly. 

The time to act to save these lives is NOW!

With just £50 a months feed can be made available to them. Remember this will be doubled by our matched funder to be doubled so two families benefit from each one you donate.

The Lady Fatemah Trust’s support to the affected communities has not stopped and we hope to carry on through the winter months and into the Holy Month of Ramadhan with your support. – continuing to support the next cohort of 20 mothers in the mothernomics program there.

– helping to reconstruct and improve more effective learning for up to 800 students at school.

Will you help us on this journey to help rebuild Yemen for the love of the Noble Lady the leader of the women of paradise?