LFT, Iraq 🇮🇶- #Mothernomics Hayfa Story

LFT, Iraq 🇮🇶- #Mothernomics Hayfa Story

Seeing your husband’s health deteriorate in front of your own eyes gives you a great sense of helplessness and sadness.

The once strong man and main breadwinner is now unable to provide for the family and unable to do even the most basic matters.
The wife is then left devastated and eager to do as much as she can to make matters better for both her husband and children.
Hayfa Obied, her husband and her seven children were living comfortably until her husband, Jabar, fell ill with a chronic heart condition.
At the time he used to work in a café to serve tea but he was no longer able to work due to his heart condition.
This meant that he could no longer pay rent and afford even the most basic necessities.
As a result of this, Hayfa and her family moved in with her family and her two middle sons quit school to work in labor work to provide for the family and pay for their fathers medical bills.
A few years past with the same situation, until a local realtor heard of what the family was going through and assisted them in buying a small piece of land and building it for them along with other community members who wanted to help Hayfa’s family.
The house is very humble, but Hayfa is extremely happy that she has a roof over her head and that she doesn’t have to pay rent by the end of each month.
This is when Hayfa started tailoring in her house, she didn’t earn much, but she was earning something to pay off her husband’s heavy medical bills.
Since she was a child, Hayfa always loved tailoring; her dream was working in a sewing workshop.
When she was young she used to cut out fabrics and make dresses for her dolls.
She always hoped of becoming a tailor. This dream came true when she was introduced to Mothernomics through her friend.
It has now been almost two years since Hayfa joined the project and she is now very content with her life.
She comes to work every day with a huge smile on her face and ready to work.
Through her work here she has made many friends and has become a social butterfly.
Hayfa is now able to pay for any time her husband needs to go to hospital, and is very proud of herself for being that capable.

Through Mothernomics Hayfa has fulfilled two dreams, the first being is a tailor and the other one is helping out her husband and children.