LFT Karbala Iraq 🇮🇶- quenching the thirst in Karbala

LFT Karbala Iraq 🇮🇶- quenching the thirst in Karbala
LFT - Water in Karbala

LFT Karbala Iraq 🇮🇶- quenching the thirst in Karbala in the name of Imam Hussain AS.

The Lady Fatemah Trust is honoured to be able to partner with the Holy Shrine of Imam Al Hussain as in Karbala to serve water each day of the year to up to 10,000 local residents in the name of the mother of Imam Hussain in the city in which the Noble Imam his sons, family and companions were martyred.
The Al Shari’ea district of Karbala in the Al Anwar neighborhood is a residential neighborhood. The area is populated by poor families who have moved from more rural areas seeking better livelihoods.
The water station will be located in a place gathers that is common to the Al Razzaza Lake area, people coming from Anbar, Al Shari’ea, Al Rushdiya, Al Suwadah and Ein Al Tamur Way.
The land on which the station is to be located is a plot of 400 square meters and has been acquired by Sheikh Abul Mahdi Karbalaei head of the Holy Shrine and will be dedicated to this peoject for a water station.
The construction of the water station with capacity to serve 10,000 local residents is ready to commence.
Necessary equipment from Italy and Turkey is ready to be installed there to generate 6,000 litres per hour or 72,000 litres per day.
The station will be manned daily in two shifts by two operatives each. The ministry of health will inspect the facility ni monthly to ensure that there is no compromise in the safety of the drinking water provided there.
The Lady Fatemah Trust invites you all to participate in this project that will serve the neediest population in Karbala with fresh drinking water seven days a week.

The total cost of the station is £60,000 or US$80,000 or Canadian $100,000. You are welcome to contribute towards part of the project as well.