Pakistan 🇵🇰 You Goata Be Kidding appeal

Pakistan 🇵🇰 You Goata Be Kidding appeal
#YouGoatToBeKidding – no seriously! LFT in the remote areas of Tharparkar District on Sindh in Pakistan 🇵🇰 has some of the lowest Human Development Index ratings in the whole country.
It is semi arid land where individuals struggle to eke our a very basic level of income.
Through subsistence and now cash crop farming your assistance through the LFT has allowed us to install nearly 200 solar water projects to bring agriculture back to life providing food resilience to 50,000 individuals.
This year you have also helped the LFT support 200 widow headed families to have a small herd of goats who thrive on these harsh conditions. They provide a daily supple of milk for nutrition and as then herd grows and numbers multiply they are sold for income or eaten by the widowed mothers and their orphaned children.
Can you help us distribute these flocks to a further 50 families making them financially independent and food secure. These mothers can them bring up their orphaned children with less anxiety and make them achieve the very best in their lives.
Let’s make this a year for 250 widow headed families and their orphaned children to feel relieved and actually look forward to the future.