LFT Karbala, Iraq – Mothernomics Catalogue Launch

LFT Karbala, Iraq – Mothernomics Catalogue Launch

On Sunday 24th the mothernomics team in Karbala will launch their first product design catalogue for the wholesale market.

They have had tremendous growth in capacity, capability and content of the items produced.

This means higher skilled mothers who earn more learn more and live more fulfilling lives.

It means customers who are able to get quality clothing in bulk at a competitive price and with delivery assured.

As we grow in types of goods and services offered and countries where mothers are empowered i thank each and one of you who donates encourages and mentors the LFT on its journey to lift widowed and single mothers out of poverty today and every day of the year.

Silently, skilfully and sustainably these mothers and their children work wonders in their daily lives.

Please click below to view the first product design catalogue.