Help us to get Zahra and her family back on their feet

Help us to get Zahra and her family back on their feet

This Arbaeen as we say to Lady Zahra that we will never forget her son Hussain – spare a thought for Zahra in Kabul who with her family has been internally displaced in the recent violence.

“I am Zahra, mother of six five living in Dasht e Barchi Kabul Afghanistan originally from Bamyan.

Since last year my husband is jobless as there is no construction works for labor”.

Our daughter Nargis was injured in a suicide attack on Sayed-Ul-Shohada girl’s school few months ago.

Although Nargis has been treated in a hospital with community contribution but she still she has severe pain in her arm. We should take Nargis to hospital again, but his father has no job and income and therefore we cannot afford his treatment.

Zahra’s family identified with the local LFT survey team as on of the most vulnerable families in term of food security a month ago and this week the team abled to delivered some basic food basket to this family.

Zahra says: “On a Friday afternoon while I was cleaning home, the door was knocked.

When I open the door, there were two young man was surveying families.

They asked questions about food security and if my kids go to Said-ul-shuahda girl’s high School.

Now again they got back with a package of food; including a bag of wheat flour, rice, beans, cooking oil and salt was from LFT.

When I saw these all in my yard, we were so happy, because we were really in a bad situation that I can’t explain.

We and my neighbor families are at a bad economic situation.

I think worse than these cannot ever happen”.

We are very thankful of the LFT local team here to support us in this difficult situation.

We pray for all and expect for continuation of such kind of helps.

We also request you for providing any job for my husband to make some income for other family expenses.

Help us to get Zahra and her family back on their feet.