LFT emotional well-being

LFT emotional well-being

What unites the lady recovering her sight in an eye clinic in Pakistan in the top picture with the girls with limited hearing in Gaza in the bottom?

They are both beneficiaries of the LFT’s emotional well-being training for mothers, teachers, doctors, refugees and many others.

Across countries, continents and communities we reach out to help individuals heal themselves after a traumatic incident in their lives so they can move on to rebuild a better, broader and firmer future each day of their lives.

Our lead mental health first aid trainer, ⁨Maria Pattinson,⁩ ensures she understands the need in the cultural context and delivers empowering healing and encouraging training to those who dedicate their lives to help transform lives in their workplaces.

From Afghan refugees to the teachers of deaf children in Gaza, from eye clinicians in Pakistan to those supporting food banks in the UK, the emotional well-being team has driven excellence in emotional well-being and continues to grow their ground breaking transformation.

At the LFT, we remain as committed to healing anxiety trauma and other emotional distresses as we are to healing physical wounds.

Thanks to your patronage, we have wonderful opportunities to serve the communities worldwide.