Evolve Women’s Cycling

Evolve Women’s Cycling

On 5th September approximately 50 female riders of all abilities will cycle between 37 to 50 kilometres for the Evolve cycling networks first annual sportive. From formation just under a year ago, the team at evolve have worked tremendously hard to build the capacity to grow the capability of the cyclists regardless of ability and age and mentored some tremendous achievements.  

The team have chosen to support the mothers in the Karbala Mothernomics programme and empower even more mothers in their journey from dependency to independence. With just days to go the female cyclists are very excited and raring to go further, faster and more confidently than ever before. In doing so they are encouraging the mothers in Karbala to do the same with their own life journeys. Please watch the video of what inspires the cyclists at evolve to get involved in this programme: 

and show your support to the riders taking on this great challenge: