Cycling and our water project in Kenya

Cycling and our water project in Kenya

At the LFT we are truly blessed with the support of two sets of bike riders peddling hard to not only break personal boundaries of endurance, but in so doing, they will enable LFT supported projects to continue vital support uplifting communities and inspire many more to act in the path of empowerment.  

The ride from Edinburgh Castle to Wembley Stadium by Ali Shkara and Ahmed Mehmed – A tremendous, combined ride of 1,340 kilometres in just three days by this dynamic duo of cycling fanatics was a massive feat of endurance. The ride saw a total elevation gain of nearly 6,500 metres with breath-taking scenery and varied weather including torrential rain in the final leg.  

They were driven to ensure that mothers and their children in Kenya get access to water without having to walk long distances only to find polluted sources of water. It is not unfamiliar for mothers and their young daughters to walk 5,000 kilometres in a month, – half that journey carrying a heavy load on their heads or in their arms. Too many pregnant mothers have lost stillborn babies due to this exertion. These mothers and children tend also to be malnourished due to poverty – having fresh water on their doorstep brings the added benefit of irrigation for farms, supporting better nutrition and as we have seen with our project in Pemba, the growing of watermelon and tomatoes and several other subsistence crops.

Please do continue to donate generously to Ali and Ahmed’s ride so that many more families can be assisted with that most basic and lifesaving of human needs – not only a glass of fresh water on their doorstep but the opportunity for greater hygiene and to grow crops for more nutritious food intake for mothers and their families.  

This and many more water projects in Asia, East Africa and the Middle East can be achieved with your support.