An update from Mothernomics, Iraq

An update from Mothernomics, Iraq

The mothers trained and supported in the Mothernomics programme in in Karbala continue to save lives and make essential garments at affordable prices, making them accessible to many families in Karbala and Najaf.  

The broad range of garments sewn means that not only are mothers feeling more confident in their ability to develop their skills but also reach out to more diverse customers and have renowned reliability.   

In addition to supplying 3,500 PPE suits and 50 doctors’ coats to the doctors of the Imamia Medical Mission running medical over Arbaeen, the mothers are altering over 300 curtains at the wonderful Al Qasr Residences housing pilgrims in Karbala in comfort and great proximity to the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain as. They will also be adding university graduation robes and uniforms for the Zahra University and other universities in Karbala adding to their successful delivery of thousands of school uniforms.  

The transformation of these mothers through training and development including emotional wellbeing and diet and nutrition education has been outstanding. The challenges of the currency devaluation in Iraq and the global pandemic reducing the number of pilgrims to the holy sites in Iraq has helped transform these mothers in their journey from dependence to independence.