#LFT mothernomics #MillionMums #Kenya

#LFT mothernomics #MillionMums #Kenya

What looks like a simple pack is a genuis pack of tricks.

1- Mothers in the slums of Nairobi are being trained by our partner organisation in Kenya CHEPS to sew reusable female sanitary pads for income.

2- These are then distributed in local schools where the families have no or low income and girls feel in control to attend school again in comfort and with good hygiene.

3- There is no single use plastic or other material used there that can’t be recycled so it’s great for the environment too.

A project that protects provides and promotes for education hygiene and income-stream.

Part of the global #MillionMums movement that empowers mother to rebuild families to make stronger communities and robust societies. One smile at a time.