Help us build a solar-powered desalination plant in Kenya

Help us build a solar-powered desalination plant in Kenya

#MakingASplash – Ali & Ahmed cycled 700 kilometres from Edinburgh-to-London to help raise awareness and funds for a water plant in Kenya🇰🇪⁠

The LFTs water projects in East Africa, the Middle East and Asia serve millions of people with access to fresh water for drinking, hygiene and irrigation. So many more will be assured with your help to ensure the daily grind for water that millions of mainly mothers and children face can be eliminated.

For whilst the distance of 700 kilometres is a staggering one, on average that’s what a mother and her child will walk each month for access to sometimes contaminated water. Like Ali and Ahmed they will do it come rain or shine!

However unlike Ali and Ahmad they have no choice and may end up doing it for a lifetime.

But that’s where you come in, you can be the one that makes that difference to their lives and you can make it happen now!

So far they’ve raised 85% of our £30,000 goal so we feel they are almost there!

Please support this so that millions of children around the world can get access to clean drinking water in Kenya!💧

So please donate now 😃🙏🏼 ⁠

It would also be really helpful if you could share our fundraiser link with everyone you know to help the cause even further.

The more eyes to our cause, the better!! 🔗