The LFT Goat Farming Program

The LFT Goat Farming Program

The UN World Food Programme published findings in a report entitled State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World on Monday 12th July. They report a key finding that 2.37 billion people in the world today do not have access to adequate food! That equates to one in three people on the planet. The pandemic has so far resulted in that number rising by 320 million during just 12 months, exacerbated further by the impact of conflict and natural disaster.

This Eid, your concern and generosity to share the joy of the festivities with families of the orphaned children and their widowed mothers as well as refugees and those living in the poorest communities, enabled the Lady Fatemah Trust to provide meat from the sacrifice offerings for: 

  1. 1,500 families in Kenya and Tanzania;
  1. 350 families of displaced war survivors with disabled children in Gaza, 
  1. 1,000 Hazara families in Mazar e Sharif and Kabul in Afghanistan
  1.  450 widow headed refugee families stuck in Greece whilst they have their legal status dealt with
  • 1,000 families of widow headed families in Sanaa Yemen. 

The all year round program to provide a small herd to families in rural parts of Kenya, Pakistan and Tanzania continues and with your support an equal number of animals that were slaughtered will be provided to these beneficiaries for growing a herd, selling and consuming when they chose. 

Additionally, the LFT will provide a month’s emergency food parcels to:

  1. 250 Hazara families in Kabul, Afghanistan and
  1. 500 families in Sanaa Yemen 

to allow them ease at the time of Eid. 

But that’s just the start – recognising the economic impact of the pandemic, your generosity will provide 2,021 cows goats and sheep to farmers in Kenya Pakistan and Tanzania to tend as a herd for income. 

This is in addition to small and medium scale farming that is creating food self-sufficiency as well as providing a clean source of water for drinking and hygiene for tens of thousands of families in Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania including on the islands of Zanzibar and Yemen. 

Please do carry on supporting this critical work over this period and all year round. At the LFT, with your support, we strive to provide dignity to mothers and their families all year round.