LFT in Gaza

LFT in Gaza

Now, in some good news from Gaza where the work of the LFT that you are supporting has given relief to families displaced by the Israeli aggression in May this year. In addition to the economic and social consequences of the illegal siege on the Gaza strip, frequent and catastrophic levels of aerial bombardment destroy the already poor infrastructure and lose lives. 

Despite the odds, the innocent victims in Gaza, particularly the families that live with children with disability have shown tremendous resilience, creating life out of despair. Our partners in Gaza tries to ensure children can enjoy life to its fullest.

Eid celebrations in Gaza are full of life and colour, markets are usually full of children and people shopping for Eid buying sweets and clothes. At their homes one can smell the delicious Eid cookies where women gather with neighbours and relatives and make succulent cookies filled with dates and nuts. So many of these families will not have access to a kitchen as tens of thousands have relocated since the latest spate of violence.

Those Eid preparations bring so much delight and would take the people of Gaza out of the challenges they encounter. This year, Eid Al-Adha comes after a ruthless aggression that imposed so much sadness and frustration in hearts all across Gaza.

However, and as it has been the habit people in Gaza, the Eid Al-Adha rituals remain an important part of the celebrations. One of the loveliest rituals during Eid Al-Adha is cooking a traditional Palestinian dish called Sumagiya. This is usually cooked by sacrifice meat, and families will gather and cook the Sumagiya in large quantities and then share the tasty dish with relatives and friends. This is only possible with your generosity in providing beef  to over 350 families. 

Of course, all year round the programmes for education including for children with disabilities continues as does the  mothers’ financial empowerment programme, Mothernomics. A tremendous recent outpouring of generosity has also enabled the LFT to continue to support the provision of emergency food and medical needs and we continue to support though out unique mental health support programme. We hope to create greater capacity to deliver this programme and to include reach to families with children with disabilities. This is only possible due to your relentless and enduring generosity. 

Our partners say: Hope can be braced to the hearts of the people in Gaza by supporting their coping, resilience, and well-being. The Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust has been always the hand that brings happiness to the people in Gaza by supporting their needs, empowering them to cope, and pave their way to live in dignity.