LFT in Yemen 🇾🇪

LFT in Yemen 🇾🇪

With your assistance the Lady Fatemah Trust has served some of the need with your enduring generosity over the past three years with: â 

🥖 1,750,000 fresh loaves to be baked and distributed to the neediest â 

🍱 almost 2,000,000 kilograms of lifesaving food delivered in over 10 regions and cities â 

🧺 32,000 families or over 180,000 individuals have been served

🐑 250 sheep herds distributed to rural communities â 

Most recently almost 900 families assisted in villages in the most remote mountainous region of Al Mahweet that was in the most desperate need.  â 

💵 This month we will start training mothers on the mothernomics program, so they regain self-sufficiency as head of the family.  â 

📺 international advocacy for the rights of the Yemeni people â 

Please show your unyielding generosity by supporting â 

⁠- £45 to feed a family of up to 6 for a month ⁠
– £70 to support a widow headed family for one month ⁠
– £150 to enable the Al Siddiqa bakery to employ up to 10 persons and distribute 5,000 loaves ⁠
– £750 to help a widowed mother participate in mothernomics  ⁠