LFT Gaza – Palestine 🇵🇸

LFT Gaza – Palestine 🇵🇸

Following the devastating impact of the indiscriminate bombings on the besieged Gaza Strip between the 10th and 21 May this year the Lady Fatemah Trust immediately responded assisting families who have children with disabilities.

The need is immense and we have started with the first 300 families.

Special focus is given for emergency relief to displaced families ensuring food, medicines, hygiene and home repairs are completed in a dignified manner. Our program also assists the families of children with diabetes to have necessary support in emergency shelters or relocated accommodation.

As the Gaza Strip already suffered from chronic levels of poverty and unemployment we will boost the work of mothernomics to ensure that more mothers are able to escape from the grip of poverty.

Our specialist focus on e-learning for students whose dependence on remote learning has been even greater during the crisis continues.

Sessions to enhance trauma care for all teachers at the deaf school to facilitate better trauma care and mental health wellbeing are ongoing.

Your generosity has facilitated a $200,000 emergency response program to get underway. A further program of medium and long term support in education and mothernomics will be undertaken after this period.

May Allah bless you and your families for your generosity.