LFT Zanzibar

LFT Zanzibar

Good innovation to create effective empowering abs long term solutions is what we focus on in our work of the Lady Fatemah Trust.

With the delivery of two transformational firsts for the island of Zanzibar, commemorating two amazing individuals in whose memory two large communities lives have been eased and the residents empowered.

Combining an abundance of sunlight and sea water, award wining and innovative German technology and critical local involvement the patrons of the LFT have enabled the first two desalination plants operating entirely on solar power to be installed at the hub of community life in schools hospitals and farms.

A combined capability of 25,000 litres per day of drinking water and an effective use of the waste water generated for farming has made these projects transformational.

Today, please join us in seeing how the district hospital at Makunduchi on the southern tip of the island of Unguja in Zanzibar has been transformed through the provision of safe drinking water at the hospital and for all.

Many such transformations are in the pipeline and will God willing be enabled by your encouragement generosity and support.