LFT India emergency response 🇮🇳

LFT India emergency response 🇮🇳

Through your tremendous generosity and rapid response to our Covid India response, over 100 oxygen concentration units are in active use in Aligarh, Bhavnagar, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. Our local partners, volunteers and their networks are supporting the following needs:

a. Providing oxygen concentrators for community use. These cost £400 each and can support a patient who may not need hospitalisation to be cared from home or a community institution. It is a one-off cost as it does not need oxygen cylinders to work. With your support we would like to support at least 50 more units focussing in the state of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

b. Distribution of family food parcels and meals to those economically affected or with a sick member of the family being treated in hospital. A food parcel costs £15 and supports a family with the basic necessities to the families. With over 2,000 food parcels delivered and 5,000 meals served to families caught up in the crisis we hope to be able to reach many more with your support.  

c. LFT Brothernomics is providing three-year interest free loans and mentoring to cottage industries affected by the pandemic to build back stronger. The cost of supporting a business grow sustainably is £1,000 and as the money is paid back it helps others to join the programme and empower themselves.

In the LFT ethos this will help them to help themselves lead a life of dignity and honour.