LFT Gaza Palestine 🇵🇸

LFT Gaza Palestine 🇵🇸

As the relentless strikes on the civilian homes (including refugee camps) and public infrastructure carry on with no end in sight the impact on the children and their families in Gaza is horrendous.

Even compared to earlier war crimes committed on the innocent families in Gaza they say this is unprecedented. On top of constant bombardment of the residential areas including overnight and the destruction of areas that are frequented by locals like shopping streets beyond any recognition the brutal tactic of a forcing a civilian population to flee their homes not knowing if they will ever return and even if they will live to see another day is completely inhumane.

With your incredible support the LFT has stood with the needy families through this crisis particularly the poorest who have disabled children as we have over the past 14 years and are supporting for emergency food, medical support and shelter needs.

We have started building a long term emotional and mental health wellbeing program to help the disabled children and their families heal after this onslaught ends and start rebuilding their lives after the emergency phase is catered for.

Your support is highly appreciated by the community in Gaza who are reassured that we care about their well-being and will support them in their most basic needs.