LFT Gaza Palestine 🇵🇸

LFT Gaza Palestine 🇵🇸

The teachers at the deaf school that the LFT partner with had a highly traumatic day today with indiscriminate bombings in residential areas of Gaza targeting homes and streets.

Their shock and anxiety was palpable on the phone call as they said they said the effect of the bombings this morning was worse than the last three wars they had faced.

A deaf boy turned to his father and signed: if the bombs tear off my hands how will I communicate?

Blind children were inconsolable as their houses shook and the children just failed to understand what was happening.

Children with mobility issues were afraid they wouldn’t be able to run away from danger. Without their mobility devices taking refuge in shelters they were unable to do basic things like go to the toilet unassisted.

Such sentiments in young souls as they make preparations to celebrate Eid worried if they will live to see tomorrow. Imagine the anxiety in the minds of their parents as they see the fear in the children’s eyes.

Parents consoled their children by saying if you heard this don’t worry it didn’t harm us. If it harmed us you wouldn’t be able to hear it, see it or feel it.

The human tragedy in those that have been killed is multiplied for those that live to see more pain and suffering.

Please take action in making our democratic voice heard so the voices of the deaf children of Gaza can be heard.

Please do support work to help the families cope with the emotional abs mental health well-being as well as food and medical emergencies.

Gaza must not feel the world does not care. They too have suffered from the pandemic under siege and were looking forward to celebrating Eid at the end of Ramadhan.