LFT India 🇮🇳

LFT India 🇮🇳

In the past few days we’ve been horrified with the scenes emerging from the land that our forefathers left over a century ago, India.

Seeing people gasping for breath and collapsing and not being able to be rescued or elves saved shocks us to the core. The scale of the problem seems insurmountable abs it’s easy to be despondent and give up hope.

At the Lady Fatemah Trust in the first week of our work we’ve been able to support:

1- 35 oxygen concentrators for Aligarh Delhi and Hyderabad. We are looking at ways to increase this as we manage to source more units for Ahmedabad abs Bangalore. Each unit costs £400 and can save multiple lives abs is not dependent on the availability of oxygen cylinders.

2- we have supported and continue to support the operation of a makeshift ICU unit in Bhavnagar.

3- We will support the creation of an oxygen bottling plant in Mumbai.

4- we continue to support food distribution both in the form of cooked meals to the relatives of those impacted and also families impacted by the economic fallout of the pandemic and lockdown.

Please do continue to support us to save lives today and in the coming days and nights of the last 10 days of the Holy Month of Ramadhan.