LFT Orphan care

LFT Orphan care

As we pass the halfway point of the month, we are approaching the Special Nights of Qadr in the last ten nights of Ramadhan particularly with the Martyrdom of Imam Ali, the first Imam and Caliph of the Muslims whose great acts of nobility and virtue included care for the orphaned child. On the UN’s designated World Orphans Day on 20th April 2021, we made a commitment to continue to care for orphaned children and widowed mothers. With over 1,200 orphaned sons and daughters cared for through your generosity in Iraq, Tanzania and Yemen, we continue to strive to make an impact in helping them and their widowed mothers to transform their lives through education, providing excellent healthcare vitally including emotional and mental health wellbeing and for the mother, the means to an independent living. You too can show your love for the work of Imam Ali by acting in one of the following ways:

a. Provide the monthly education for an orphaned child;

b. Support a mother in Gaza, Karbala or Sanaa to receive training in an LFT Mothernomics programme;

c. Enable the provision of healthcare including emotional and mental health wellbeing for a mother and her orphaned children;

d. Provide a safe home to displaced widows and children.