LFT in Yemen

LFT in Yemen

The need for support, particularly amongst refugee families in Greece and in the UK and for the innocent victims of war in Yemen remains.

This month we received one of the most hearfelt pleas from families in the City of Al Mahwit in Yemen. The city is in a remote mountainous area where little aid reaches. The families had become so in need of food that they were taking extreme measures to try and gain food for their children.

Within 36 hours of our appeal, your enduring generosity poured in to ensure that we had the means to support 855 families in the city with lifesaving food supplies and in the special days of this Holy Month restored hope for over 5,000 individuals.

Over this month so many of you have discharged your obligation to pay khums or zakat or chosen to give general acts of charity specifically to feed the hungry or volunteered to give sadaqa. Some have done so through a work based or entrepreneurial corporate social responsibility programme. During Ramadhan, we were pleased to cross a milestone of £2,000,000 collected through our online platform with enthuse. The option to automate GiftAid claims, ease of on-line giving (including setting up of regular donations) and security of financial transactions this provides has made donating so much simpler for so many of you.

This has motivated donations to causes such as Jameel’s Journey, undertaken to support children with different abilities in Gaza, including those with auditory sight or mobility challenges. Or the MSC/ABSOC or Evolve cycling club’s appeal for the LFT’s Mothernomics programmes – our projects offer the balance between responding to current emergencies including drought, the Covid-19 pandemic and war, and providing communities the tools to stand on their own feet. Our persistent focus is on longer term empowerment through programmes like #Mothernomics as well as #YouGottaBeKidding and #MakingASplash alongside initiatives to enable children to continue to grow and take up opportunities in education to give them the best start in life.