LFT Iftaar – Ramadhan 1442

LFT Iftaar – Ramadhan 1442

As always, your generosity towards the causes supported by the LFT has greatly benefited communities both in the spirit of sharing food parcels and cooked meals during Ramadhan but also looking beyond to empowerment. The lasting impact is that the communities we interact with are empowered to lead their lives with dignity and once again restore hope and imagination.

For the 25th consecutive year this Ramadhan your generosity has ensured that almost 2,500,000 unique meals were provided for across 14 locales to families and communities in the most destitute and disadvantaged countries and territories around the world.

– 100 families in Herat Afghanistan

– 900 families in Bale District Ethiopia

– 200 families with disability in Gaza City Gaza receiving cooked meals

– 500 families in Kumasi Ghana receiving cooked meals

– 700 families in Athens Greece of Syrian refugees

– 500 families matched funded to 1,000 in Bangalore India

– 500 families in Beirut Lebanon matched to 1,000 families

– 1,000 families in Karbala and Najaf Iraq

– 2,000 families in Mombasa and Wajir district Kenya

– 1,250 families in Sindh Pakistan

– 1,000 families in Dar es salaam Kaole and Kibaha Tanzania also match funded to 1,500

– 400 Syrian refugee families in the London United Kingdom

– 4,900 families in Al Mahweet Hodeida Sanaa Yemen