Jameel’s Journey

Jameel’s Journey

Salaam Alaikum

My name is Jameel and I am going to be turning ten on the 8th of April this year. As it’s a special birthday, yes I have patiently waited ten years to celebrate it! My mamma and I would love to share with you my memorisation of the Holy Quran.

You see because I was born without sight Allah blessed me with being able to memorise the verses of the Holy Book.

My mamma helps me learn these and we practice daily every morning before I go to school.

With the help of my mamma and some amazing people at LFT, I with your help, of course, will be raising money for children who just like me need a little extra help to learn, play and understand the lovely ways of being.

The money we raise together will help schools catering for the deaf and visually impaired students in Gaza, Palestine through the Lady Fatemah Trust.

Will you kindly help me make my birthday and Ramadhan special by reaching out to these children?

Every few days, mamma will be posting videos of me reciting the Suras I have memorised from Juz Amma during the Holy month of Ramadan. I will also post some clips of me having fun and reciting nasheeds so you get to know me better.

Let’s together use the chance to show the deaf, blind and partially sighted children in Gaza that we care because they are one of us.

Want to wish me a Happy Birthday? Please donate below:

Thank you and see you soon!