Emotional wellbeing in children with different abilities

Emotional wellbeing in children with different abilities

First, we turn to the core of our work, ensuring children with special emotional needs are fully supported. This includes orphaned children in Iraq who are growing up following a life-changing tragedy, as well as children who have different emotional needs such as children with a disability, immobility, deafness or blindness in Gaza.

I am delighted to share with you a clip from Gaza that highlights the work that the Trust supported with Deaf children in Gaza over the first week in February commemorating Children’s Mental Health Week 2021:

This is an ongoing program in Gaza to build educational and emotional wellbeing support for the 40,000 children registered with a disability on the besieged strip. Ensuring that they have a formative childhood despite the trauma, economic challenge and high levels of violence are only possible through good access to education, the economic empowerment of their parents through Mothernomics and the support to heal and grow through mental health first aid.

Help support education and disability care in Gaza: