LFT Gaza, Palestine 🇵🇸

LFT Gaza, Palestine 🇵🇸

On the blessed day of the Wafaat of Lady Zainab sa the Lady Fatemah Trust named after her mother has been honoured to serve 150 children in Gaza aged under 18 years with detection, management and care of Type 1 diabetes.

Undiagnosed diabetes can lead to seriously debilitating complications leading to costly interventions and lessening the quality of life.

This transformational service in coordination with diabetes Palestine will not only care for these children but enhance the understanding of diabetes in the parenting community and help those diagnose better manage lifestyle choices and where necessary provide the medication and aftercare.

A whole generation of Palestinian children and their families can be assisted through this program which is part of the LFTs Inclusive Learning interventions of the Million Mums campaign.

For just $500/£365 a year or $42/£30 a month you can be part of a better future for the life of a Palestinian child.

Thank you for your continued generosity.