Mothernomics, Gaza

Mothernomics, Gaza

What is the issue? Living under constant restriction, women with hearing disabilities in the Gaza Strip lack independence and live-in poverty with no access to basic services such as education, health care, vocational training, employment and political participation.

They increasingly suffer from psychological effects of their oppression which puts a constant threat on the financial stability of the family. It has become apparent that creating a sustainable source of income for these women is the best solution for financial independence.

What is our objective? To reduce rates of poverty in the Gaza Strip by improving the quality of life of women with disabilities and their families.

How will we do this? We will continue to empower women with hearing disabilities and other marginalised women in various regions of the Gaza Strip by building and developing their job capabilities to be able to earn a sustainable income for them and their families.

Thirty women with hearing disabilities and other marginalised women participated in two life and employability skills programmes. The programme developed and enhanced their embroidery skills as well as enabling them space to develop personal skills, wellbeing and confidence.

Since the programme, we have seen women more engaged as effective decision-makers, able to communicate more effectively with others, develop coping skills with the local market, and self-management that has led to progress and success.

In the beginner embroidery course, the beneficiaries learned the main tools used in embroidery, the different types of fabrics, how to coordinate colours, and the basic skills that enable them to produce simple embroidered pieces in different designs.

The benefitting mothers gave the following testimonials:

Afaf Abu Amra (22 years) said expressing her ambition “I live with my mother and my four deaf sisters in very harsh circumstances, through this training course I learned the basics and skills of embroidery. I dream of opening my own small business to sell embroidery pieces and help my family in covering the monthly rent cost and our basic life needs”.

In an intermediate embroidery course, in which 10 women participated, the capabilities and skills of the beneficiaries have been developed so that they can produce high-tech embroidered pieces with various shapes and designs: “Despite my age, I am very careful to learn and master the profession of embroidery, which is a basic source of income for me and my family, and also it is our only way to preserve our Palestinian heritage” expressed Ayda Obeid (62 years).

In an advanced embroidery course with 10 women participating, the beneficiaries acquired all the skills that enable them to produce a wide range of embroidered pieces in different sizes, shapes, and designs. They are also able to create and apply new creative designs.