Forced to leave his successful leather enterprise – built up at the age of just 13 – to take complete bedrest, Hasan now needs some assistance to get back on his feet and his enterprise up and running again

September 2017

Family data:
Name Relation to applicant Age Occupation Income
Kaneez Bano Mother 55 House wife INR 0.00
Hasan Abbas Applicant 39 Earlier was doing leather business, now unemployed  INR 0.00
Shama Praveen Wife 32 House Wife INR 0.00
Mohammad Aman Son 11 Student-VII INR 0.00
Adeeba Daughter 9 Student-IV INR 0.00
In’nama Daughter 7 Student –I INR 0.00
Tatheer Bano Sister 25 Sewing INR 3,000.00

Brother Hasan Abbas’s father suffered with debilitating anxiety and depression. This meant that he could not work. Instead, Hasan himself had to go out to work at the age of just 13. After some time his younger Brother also joined him. There are six sisters and three brothers in the family. Five sisters are married and one sister stays at the family home. They all reside in Lucknow in India.

Until three years ago, Brother Hasan Abbas, was doing a leather business of his own. He used to manufacture ladies purses, leather gloves etc and had four machines for cutting and stitching. He used to buy leather from the market and manufactured finished products to sell to the retail market. He used to earn about INR 30,000-INR 40,000 per month and was happily living with his family.

In 2013, Brother Hasan Abbas got severe cervical (neck) pain. He consulted local doctors and was advised to take rest and physiotherapy initially. Because of the nature of his work he started suffering as the frequency of the pain increased with time. In March 2014, he consulted another doctor when the pain became unbearable. Here he was suggested to go for MRI of his Cervical Spine. The problem Hasan was diagnosed with is a straightening of the cervical spinal curvature. The test he had suggested a condition called, Carie’s Spine (that occurs outside the lungs whereby disease is seen in the vertebrae). Tuberculosis can become a secondary problem and can affect several tissues outside of the lungs including the spine. He was given 150 injections and was advised complete bed rest for three whole years. In January 2015, his MRI was repeated where there were signs of improvement and his rest continued.

Because of Hasan’s illness, and the huge costs associated with his treatment, all of the leather machinery and whatever savings the family has dispersed. Today, the family are completely at the mercy of friends and relatives who have supported them so far. Now, Hasan has been advised by the doctor to take up light jobs. Once again He went back to the market where he been greeted by goodwill and the fellow business women and men have all committed to support him in his business. However, he needs to start from scratch once again to be able to stand on his own two feet. Hasan needs to clear his debts which are as follows:

Loan taken from Govt.  
Loan (for medication and sister’s marriage) INR 50,000.00
Monthly repayment of loan (@INR 1175*8 months) – INR 9,400.00
Balance loan (A) INR 40,600.00
Loan taken from Private Parties) – Personal loan taken in last 3 years for the purpose of marrying sister, medication in past 3 years, household expenses
loan taken from Afroz Khan (no interest) INR 25,000.00
Mahesh Bansal (loan taken @4% per month) INR 15,000.00
Satish (loan taken @ 6% per month) INR 10,000.00
Other multiple miscellaneous personal loans from individual to the tune of 1000, 1500 etc) INR 15,000.00
Total Loan (B) INR 65,000.00
Grand Total of Loan & Debt (A+B) INR 105,600.00

Hasan’s debts are increasing every month in absence of any source of income, which is making Brother Hasan nervous. When he spoke to the LFCT, he sounded very depressed.

Hasan needs a heling hand to get him on the path to self-sustainability once again. He has approached the LFCT for support with setting up his leather business once again. His business requirement is as follows:

Purchase of a two-wheeled vehicle to move in the market with finished products (without kick one) INR 25,000.00
Purchase of leather INR 25,000.00
Purchase of finished products from the manufacturer and supply to the retail market to earning margins on a daily basis (Gloves / Ladies Purse / Key Chain / Gents Wallet) INR 30,000.00
Support for two months for food and medicine for self and family INR 20,000.00

Total Need for funding – INR 200,000.00 / GB£ 2,276.00

Hasan is passionate about standing on his own two feet and making himself and his family a stable income and business for their future. He has had some unfortunate health issues – a been a case of bad luck. He is not letting this define him and taking charge of his future one again – with some assistance from the LFCT.