First line healthcare for Pemba

First line healthcare in Pemba includes Primary Health Care Centres or cottage hospitals that focus on provision of basic health care, maternal-child care and immunisation camps. In Pemba there are around 60 of these services which provide vital healthcare in rural areas where 80% of the population lives.   One such service, Kiuyu Minungwini Dispensary provides a vital frontline healthcare service to 7,613 inhabitants in and around the district. This includes six villages in its immediate vicinity, Kigongoni, Changa, Fimbo, Maambani, Kijibweni and Matonga, serving between 50 – 60 patients daily. Some of which travel for up to 10km.   After being damaged in a fire, it is in urgent need of repair including running and safe water and sanitation facilities. The health centre staff were delighted to find another location to operate from yet the building remains basic with four walls and no glass in the windows. It has no running water and any water is carried in buckets from the neighbouring mosque. The LFT previously bought you news of this renovation work which is now complete and through the generous donation of Q Fatima to provide running water and a proper functioning toilets and handbasin facilities.    As the health centre provides such a vital service, we are appealing for your support to help us to equip the centre with new medical equipment so that it can continue to provide to the whole community. £3,773 will cover the cost of the centre’s basic equipment and enable the staff to provide ongoing healthcare to entire villages in Pemba.   One Examination bed, one Autoclave, one digital BP machine, two patient beds, one medicines cupboard, two examination lamp trolley, one Hermacue machine 201, ten HB 201 test strips of 10, one glucometer, two delivery set pcs of 22, three colour dustbins to isolate medical waste, fifteen speculum large, fifteen speculum medium, six cutting scissors, six gallipot, twelve stich scissors, six kidney dishes, twelve dissecting forcep                        s, twelve dressing forceps, six sinus forceps, three bowls, two  dressing set pcs of 9, two suture set pcs of 7, one artery forceps straight, one artery forceps curved, two needle holders plus transport Zanzibar to Pemba                               GRAND TOTAL           £3,773.46