LFCT in Iraq: Education for empowerment

We are continually humbled by your generous ongoing support and commitment for the orphans of Iraq. We bring you the stories of three individuals who, through the power of education have dreams for a better future. All three have faced tragedy in their lives but each has their dream to succeed and make their families proud. First we hear from Haider. In 2006, Haider’s life changed forever. After many health complications, and several years after migrating from Baghdad to Karbala, Haider’s father passed away. When the family first fled their home in Baghdad, they did so in fear of their safety and ultimately, their lives. Upon arrival to Karbala Sabyha, Haider’s mother, moved in with her parents along with her husband and children. At the time Haider had just been born. Regardless of his numerous health conditions, Haider’s father was a hardworking man. He would leave very early in the morning to collect plastic to be recycled and bring home an income. After his death, the family were left with very little. They survived on the kindness of family and a small room in a relative’s home. Now in grade 7, Haider and his siblings live in a simple house on some land their mother was able to buy. Haider’s education has reached a critical point and he dreams of continuing all the way through to University where he can live out his passion and train as a lawyer. He knows this would make his family so proud – but he also knows this will unlikely be a reality without external support. Domo’o lost her father her father in 2003 when he was coming to visit Imam Hussain (AS) for Arbaeen. At the time, American troops had just arrived in Iraq, and the country was very insecure. Domo’o’s father has not been seen for nearly two weeks. The family knew by now it would not be good news on his whereabouts but longed to bury him and say goodbye. Domo’o’s mother was pregnant with Domo’o at the time and finally on the twelfth day, they found her husband’s body. When Domo’o was born her mother was still grieving the loss. When the father was alive he provided for them, and food was always on the table. Now the family lives in a house provided by a kind stranger after hearing their story. Domo’o is now 15 years old and likes every day to be told stories about her father, his hopes and dreams for them all and how excited he was to be welcoming another Daughter into the family. Domo’o knows what she wants for her future – to be an Arabic teacher. She hopes this can bring her success and most importantly this means she will be able to provide for her family and say thank you to her Mother who has worked so hard to bring up the family alone. And finally, Fayha Najeh Kadhim, who would love to follow in the footsteps of her siblings and go to University. Losing her father to a terrorist attack in 2004, her family was left homeless when she was just a year old. Her father was a peaceful man, on his way to visit Imam Hussain (AS) when a car exploded in his way. When he passed away in 2003, he left five orphans, three of which are now in University. Fayha’s dream is to finish University and be a pharmacist. Please watch: It costs just £35 to support an orphan a month. This support pays for basic food, clothing, medications ad long as the child stays in education. What it also buys is a childhood and the chance at a better future. Mothers do not need to worry about taking their children out of education to work and supplement the family income, a decision no parent should be faced with. Please help us to support more children like Haider, Domo’o and Fayha to secure better futures for themselves, their families and their community. Thank you.