Kenya solar and furnishings at the Imam Al-Ridha Centre, Mtongwe, Mombasa

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya’s plans for a community complex complete with a Masjid, Residence hall and education block are getting underway. Once complete, the centre will provide a host of services for community development; a women’s training centre and sewing courses, religious activities, classrooms, library, multifunction hall and sports families amongst others. In its construction the centre is promoting green renewable energy use throughout. The LFCT is fully supporting its vision. Dr. Beheshti has won several international and European awards in the innovation of a long-lasting and cost-effective water desalination plant. Offering to partner with Bilal Muslim Mission, he has tested the wind direction at Mtongwe and offered to set up a wind and solar system at Mtongwe that would (i) make a major saving in expected electricty bills of up to $500 per month, (ii) be a major environmental project and (iii) become a training centre for our youths on cutting edge solar and wind energy technologies. His contribution would be the technology, supervision and at-cost installation charges. He would not be charging any extras or make any profit. This is a fantastic opportunity. Solar and wind will work together for power to be available 24×7 and would also be additionally linked to grid power in the unlikely event of extended periods of cloudy skies, rain and lack of sufficient wind velocity. The intention is to set up a 3kwh system with 2kwh from a wind turbine and 1kwh from solar panels at a cost of $10,000 all inclusive. The system has low maintenance and 15 year lifespan. This offer will meet all needs, turns to be very cost effective and as it was offered at cost, much cheaper than even the solar-alone options available on the market. The cost recovery against expected grid electricity bills is approx. 2 years. Moreover the opportunity will enable the centre to: 1. Establish basic training of our youths on understanding solar and wind energy systems in hte context of environmental protection and eco-solutions; 2. Invite other tableegh organizations to understand its innovative potential as a solution for their respective power needs< 3. If successful as a model, the system has the potential for expansion and income generation through the sale of power to neighbours.